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High Energy Horizontal Directional Drilling Inc. introduces a revolutionary pricing strategy to the small HDD market.

In a bold move to offer our clients more, we have implemented our "competitive pricing strategy". This strategy allows High Energy to continue providing the best in service and safety while ensuring that our prices will beat any reasonable competition. As with all of our offerings, we want to not only do your job, we want to do it right and at the right price.

Utility season approaching

With the utility season approaching quickly, High Energy is pleased to offer our unbeatable pricing for this market. It is our intent to entice new clients with our ultra competitive pricing and then to keep them with us through our quality workmanship and service. Please call to get the latest pricing information.


High Energy's response to market conditions

In a market which has seen a considerable change of pace in the last few months, High Energy is offering our clients substantial savings. In the current market this increase in value can often be enough to tip the scales in favor of your bid over your competitors.

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